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Wireless Audio Service 2.0

The high quality of out Wireless Systems, the structure of our Logistic net, and the Noise OFF team professionalism, those are the three factors that underpin our commercial offer.
With the introduction of this innovative system for the transmission of the sound, music and voice, you can create a variety of events and activities: Silent Disco, Silent Party, Silent Meeting, Silent Cinema, Silent Fitness e Silent Yoga.
To date we have an availability of more than 5,000 wireless headphones SX809 with three stereo channels, 16 channels microphones and transmitters Super Power Bass [500 meters range of action], the most powerful of the market.


Sound Quality

The best wifi equipment for Silent Disco and Silent Party. Three channels headphones Super Power Bass.

Logistic Structure

A logistics network solid and structured allows us to reach any town in Switzerland in maximum 24 hours.

Team Professionalism

Our team for engineers, technicians, DJ and hostess on hand to make possible high-level events.

How does it work

We offer a service end-to-end with high quality standards.
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Very satisfied with the service. Delivery ahead of schedule and the equipment of the highest quality. People have staied in my bar until 6am, in total silence!

Mario T.

We rented the headphones in my yoga center and it was a terrific experience. Thanks to the insulating power of the headphones you can reach states of real harmony and balance.


We used the wireless systems Noise OFF for a medical conference in bi-lingual. Better sound, really clean. Satisfied for the quality of the headphones. Great.


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The best Silent Disco headphones on the market.

The three-channel wireless headphones SX809 Super Power Bass, are the best on the market. Enveloping and noise canceling pavilions, adjustable volume and 500 meters range.

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Silent Disco Party

Wireless headphones for Silent Disco & Silent Party. Three channel stereo Power Super Bass. 500 meters range.

Meetings Conferences

Headphones and wireless microphones for conferences and conventions multi language. Up to 16 speakers at the same time.

Fitness and Yoga

Wireless systems dedicated to the Fitness and Yoga. Up to three classes in the same room. Portable and plug and play.