Noise OFF - Silent Events

Wireless Audio Service 2.0

We are a young and dynamic company formed by experienced engineers and professionals in the world of events. Moved by the passion for the music and fascinated by technological innovations, we have introduced the best wi-fi System for Silent Events: Silent Disco, Silent Party, Silent Meeting, Silent Fitness and Silent Yoga.

We provide to everybody our wireless headphones SX809 Super Power Bass. Offering the best sound quality and the maximum power of transmission possible; always maintaining an high technology profile and ensuring an high reliability of the equipment.

Sound Quality100%
System's Power100%
Equipment Reliability100%
Technological Profile100%

Punctual Delivery

Due to the professionalism of our logistics service, we have a percentage of delays of  the 1%.


KIT Conformity

All our kits are always Tested and sanitized to ensure the use of equipment like new.


After Sales

We offer our customers a free support service 7 days on 7, even during evening hours.

The Silent Events are the novelty of the new millennium. People dance without disturbing others, and they can choose from three types of music. Ideal for DeeJay contests.

Meetings, conferences and translations, as well as film screenings are another our strength. Optimization of time and space.

Physical activity, meditation and yoga; here is the new frontier of technology Noise OFF. Portable systems for outdoor events, Fitness and Yoga headphones.